Nature is inscrutable. Since age’s man has been trying to unfold the mysteries it holds. There is a generation of a complex emotion, compounded of awe in the presence of the unknown, wonder in the presence of the known.

It is believed that art has its own reason for being, needing no further justification of form and content. Whether one agrees with it or not, Nisha has her own contemporary style of visualizing nature i.e. the abstract form  and according to her through it, she tries to connect this mortal world to the Immortal-The Supreme Delight. She is as ardent nature lover and likes to paint various moods of mother earth. She works on both the positive and negative aspects of nature. She visualizes nature as a creator as well as a destroyer.

Nature is innocent when it smiles through the fragrant petals, incensed breeze, sensual when moon tries to creep into and embrace the beautiful night, leaving hearts fluttering with secret desires, clam landscapes, playful zephyr, musical beats of rain drops, vibrant every heart and every pulse (the countless blessings of nature).

Oppugn to it, immeasurable loftiness of the tall rocks, tempests, Thunder-storms, tsunami, exploding volcanoes and many other cataclysms (the challenges that nature throws on us) fill our body and heart with awe and horror.

However whatever it is, life-giving or life-taking, it is magnificent, glorious and adorable. The artist has essayed to capture some such aspect of it, in an effort to link herself with the divine in nature. For this she employs her exquisite style – the micro world of dot, the molecules.

Nisha, like all hallmark artists has been own style statement in art. She uniquely visualizes everything in the whole cosmos, in the form of a DOT; as her belief says that everything in this world originates in a dot and culminates in a dot eventually. When we narrow are eyes, all the things around, lose their dimensional identity and assumes the form of a dot expropriated from their pervious contour. Scientifically true too. Each and every object belonging to this world is composed of atoms- a group of molecules, again dots. Be it Sun, Moon, Trees, Flowers, Humans or else.

Nisha paints in acrylic on canvas. Her usage of a wide range of colors sometimes sparkling and vibrant and sometimes lusterless and softened allegorically present assorted incarnations of nature in connection with varied moods of humans.  I feel the vivaciousness of colours and the impressions of textures also take one effortlessly to colourful Indian textile arena and effervescent culture, the roots of the artist.

The eminent writer, filmmaker and art critic Mr. Vinod Bhardwaj once said, “Nisha paints landscapes in an innovative fashion. Her work are very natural and non repetitive.”   

Delhi based famous art critic Mr. Aruna Bhowmick eulogizing her work proclaimed, “With an enhanced graphic quality, the works got my attention primarily for their texturisation, sans the impression of mindless brush stroking, as is the wont of many an aspiring abstract painters of our times.”

The explosion of colours with great continence and innumerable impressions of nature elements articulated spontaneously in the work through a sumptuous visual treat and in opinion warrant her éclat for her artistic endeavor subsequent to her ectoplasm.

Vinita Sharma
Assistant Professor and Writer
E-Mail: vinitarajiv.sharma01@gmail.com